Artist in Residence

Often at the front end of movements are artists using their imaginations to show our communities the possibilities of a different future. Artists are modern prophets. They show both the possibility of a hope of “what can be,” and sometimes a darker, “what will be,” if society continues on its current path.

It is because of these artists that RAWtools is able to exist. These artists have softened the edges of hard conversations and spaces. They are often the first to enter a space, and at the same time announce that space is possible. It is with great excitement to announce that as of July 2016, RAWtools has started an Artist In Residence position.


After four years as Artist in Residence, we want to wholeheartedly thank Mary Sprunger-Froese for her time in this role. Previously, she was also a founding board member of RAWtools and has invested countless time, talent and effort into the work of RAWtools. As her final project in June of 2020, we hope you watch Taking Stock: Loaded Words and Bullet Points.

RAWtools highlights Gun Violence Awareness Month 2020 in Taking Stock: Loaded Words and Bullet Points. Produced by RAWtools Artist-in-Residence Mary Sprunger-Froese and Lauren Weaver.

Reckoning with the personal and political, Taking Stock:Loaded Words and Bullet Points features spoken word artists Jonathan Andujar, Rosemary Lytle, A.B. Lugo , Susan M Peiffer , Mary Sprunger-Froese, Loring Wirbel andLaurie Works . Piano for the film was provided by Vernon K. Rempel, pastor of Beloved Community Mennonite Church. Lauren Weaver, of Beth-El Mennonite Church, has produced previous video work for RAWtools, Inc..

Mary will continue working with RAWtools leading our RAWpower nonviolence workshops. To find out more, you can reach her at

Due to COVID, RAWtools is taking time to evaluate the Artist in Residence position in the future. We’ll announce when the position is open again. Questions can be emailed to Thank you for your support!You can help support the Artist in Residence position by making a donation here.