(Plow)Shares in Stock: Recurring Donations

From: $20.00 / month

As a Stockholder* in RAWtools you’ll receive the following:

  • A piece of stock from one of the guns donated to RAWtools for each year as a stockholder, making you a literal stockholder. The more shares you invest in , the larger this piece is.
  • A stock certificate for each year representing the stockholder’s investment in RAWtools.
  • A yearly prospectus (annual report) by email, to each stockholder.
  • Access to a stockholders meeting with the Executive Director in February of each year via video conference, celebrating the birthday of RAWtools.

*This is not traditional stock. See details here.

Donation levels are:

  • Individual (1share): $20/mo.
  • Family (2 shares): $40/mo.
  • Neighborhood (5 shares): $100/mo.
  • Organization (12 shares): $240/mo.
  • Region (25 shares): $500/mo.
  • Underwriter (50 shares): $1,000/mo.

Since 2013, soon after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, RAWtools has been receiving disabled guns to make into garden tools and other lovely things. We’re building a national “Disarming Network” to provide safe and legal disabling of guns. This is a partnership with people, churches, and organizations across America that want to end gun violence.

Each year we process more guns than the year before. This requires more attention as it grows, and we’re bringing in new blacksmiths to help us. It requires training for best practices to understand changing gun laws from state to state and city to city.

To help us adequately operate RAWtools and this network, we’re going “public” and introducing our (Plow)Shares in Stock fundraising campaign. It’s a fun way to become a recurring donor.

You can be a part of this network, and/or you can support it by becoming a RAWtools stock holder. Of the many pieces and parts that belong to a gun, the portion behind the trigger, often wood or plastic, is the gun’s “stock.” Its essentially the form of the gun that holds its shape and allows all of the working parts to be connected. Some of these can be made into handles for tools. But not all. The rest we are making into gifts for our stockholders.

They are a small gift for folks who make a recurring investment of at least $20/month into the work of RAWtools. This represents 1 (Plow)Share in stock of RAWtools. You can invest in more than one share as a family, neighborhood, organization, region, or underwriter.

Disabled Guns from a donor. The wooden parts are the “stock” of the gun.

*The NOT So Fine Print

This is NOT traditional stock. Becoming a stockholder in RAWtools is an investment in ending gun violence, NOT for future dividends! As such, recurring donations cannot be “sold” or refunded. They can be cancelled at any time. You will not find us on the NYSE or NASDAQ. You will find us at the forge making plows out of swords and garden tools out of guns. Or you’ll find us in the community teaching nonviolence and partnering with organizations that are doing like-minded/hearted work to end gun violence.

Much like the stock holds a gun together, individual donors hold organizations like RAWtools together. Support RAWtools today by becoming a recurring donor – a (Plow)Shareholder and stockholder in ending gun violence!