Forging Peace. Disarming Hearts

“They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation; they will train for war no more. Everyone will sit under their own vine and fig tree. No one shall make them afraid.”

Livestream Starting June 1

Starting June 1, in honor of over 44,000 lives lost to gun violence in 2023, RAWtools national network of blacksmiths and makers is laboring one minute for every life lost, all work is turning destroyed guns into garden tools, art, jewelry, and more. You can view the work below or on our Facebook page.

Another Way Is Possible Exhibit Auction

Bid on items crafted in the RAWtools shop and beyond.
The items in this exhibit tell the story of the transformation of guns to garden tools, art, jewelry, and more. Your purchase supports the ongoing work of RAWtools.
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Forging Peace. Disarming Hearts.

We do more than turn guns into garden tools. We are turning violence into peace. We are turning fear into trust. Through relationship, dialogue, and resources, we are welcoming neighbors with loving arms rather than bearing arms. Join us.
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Swords to Plowshares

Turning Guns into Garden Tools
Turning guns into garden tools is at the center of the work of RAWtools. It connects our programs and enables storytelling—stories of magnificent transformation as well as the deep trauma of grief and loss.
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War No More

Nonviolence Training, Resources, and Networking
What if someone broke into your house and attacked your family?
RAWtools’ nonviolence trainings approach real-world situations from a perspective of peace and disarmament. We believe there are tools to resolve conflicts that don’t involve violent weapons.
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Vine and Fig

Connecting You to Resources
How do we prepare ourselves to welcome neighbors and strangers with open arms instead of bearing arms? How do we let love rather than fear drive our relationships?
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Browse the unique products from our Philadelphia shop. You can donate a gun and join the local and/or national disarming network as well.
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Colorado Springs

Browse the unique products from our Colorado Springs shop. You can donate a gun and join the local and/or national disarming network as well.
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