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Turning guns into garden tools is at the center of the work of RAWtools. It connects our programs and enables storytelling—stories of magnificent transformation as well as the deep trauma of grief and loss.
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A free garden tool from your gun.

RAWtools’ mission to “disarm hearts and forge peace” is driven by our ability to make a choice about the tools we use to navigate conflict. As we lose more than 100 people a day to gun violence in the United States, it’s becoming more and more clear that guns have no place in conflict resolution. Many folks donate their guns to RAWtools because they realize they don’t need them anymore.
Our Sword to Plow program allows you to donate your gun to RAWtools and receive a garden tool from that gun for free.

RAWtools keeps any remaining parts to make more tools or items to raise money for our work. We walk you through the process of legally disabling your gun and connect you to our disarming network.

RAWtools is excited to announce a new partnership with Mennonite Church USA as we #BringThePeace by turning guns into garden tools and beautiful art.

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Join the Disarming Network

Disabling a gun isn’t something most people do every day. We’re building a network that helps people connect with others who have the knowledge, resources, and safe spaces to disable guns according to Federal ATF guidelines.

Use the map to see if there is a Disarming Location near you. These locations can help you legally and safely disable your gun to be mailed to RAWtools. Your gun will then be made into a garden tool, necklace, or another custom item.

As a gun donor, you can take advantage of our Swords To Plows Program and get a garden tool for FREE.

Ready to join the Disarming Network?

If you don’t have a gun to donate, you can become a part of our Disarming Network to help others disable their guns. You can provide a safe, public space like a church parking lot to host the process. Or you can offer the use of your metal chop saw or cutting torch.

Many of our current hosts are connected to churches, but this network is not limited to churches and is open to organizations and individuals who want to help.

We do not make your information public, except for your city/town. If you want to advocate for more gun donations in your area and your involvement in our network, we encourage you to do so at your pace and comfort within local networks you are connected to. Organizations that wish to make their involvement in our network public, please indicate on the form.

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Which Disarming Network do you want to join?
NOTE: Joining any local network also grants you access to the national network.

Share Your Story

We have tracked every tool we’ve made to the gun or guns it came from since we started in 2013. You have the option of telling the story of why you donated your gun or gave it to RAWtools. We’ll track the tools we make from it those tool owners will get to see your story, but you’ll also get to see what people are doing with the tools made from your gun.
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