War No More

RAWtools’ nonviolence trainings approach real-world situations from a perspective of peace and disarmament. We believe there are tools to resolve conflicts that don’t involve violent weapons.
Transforming The Imagination

Learning a New Set of Tools

We offer resources, skills, and practices to handle conflict in creative ways, both as violence prevention and as healing processes after violence occurs. “RAWpower Workshops: Tools for a Third Way” can include:
  • Restorative Justice
  • De-Escalation
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Circle Process
  • Open Dialogue
  • Mental Health First Aid
Beyond fight or flight—nonviolence opens possibilities. Gain confidence and practical tools for preventing and de-escalating volatile situations and discover inspiring resources for nonviolent transformation. RAWtools currently offers nonviolence workshops in Colorado. Our workshops can be tailored to your group. Workshops include theory and practice, including role-playing conflict resolution situations.
Be Part of the Solution

Let's Partner for Peace

Does your neighborhood have the resources it needs to explore nonviolence as a viable response to conflict? Are faith leaders in your area equipped with creative responses to conflict?

RAWtools also partners with local organizations and practitioners to host trainings for restorative justice and mental health first aid. To find out more, contact us.
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