MC USA Partnership

RAWtools is excited to announce a new partnership with Mennonite Church USA as we #BringThePeace by turning guns into garden tools and beautiful art.

How the RAWtools/MC USA Partnership Works

When a gun-owner donates a gun through an MC USA congregation, RAWtools makes the gun barrel into a garden tool and returns it to the donor. The rest of the gun is made into art that’s sold to support MC USA’s Peace and Justice initiatives. We encourage congregations to invite local artists in their community to participate in this gun-to-art-making process!
We encourage MC USA congregations who wish to be a part of this partnership to be vocal in their communities about being a place where swords are turned into plowshares. This is one way to respond to MC USA’s leadership and their call to #BringThePeace and no longer be the “quiet in the land” when it comes to costly peacemaking and justice issues. 

RAWtools trains volunteers to safely disable firearms and can help organize actions and events in your congregation’s community to raise awareness. We follow federal guidelines for firearm disabling (letters of approval available upon request), including gun buybacks that do not require law enforcement to process donated firearms.

The process from gun to garden tool offers several opportunities for community engagement and healing in response to gun violence and in prevention of gun violence. For instance, mothers who have lost children to gun violence are invited to share their stories and publicly beat a gun on our anvil. Also, musicians and visual artists who are passionate about peace often share their work as part of these events.

To explore the invitation to become a partnering congregation, please contact RAWtools Executive Director Mike Martin at gro.slootwar@ekim, as well as any other questions on how to get involved.

Art made from gun donations will be sold through the RAWtools website. Announcements will be made when they become available through the RAWtools newsletter and MC USA communications.

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