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We have tracked every tool we’ve made to the gun or guns it came from since we started in 2013. You have the option of telling the story of why you donated your gun or gave it to RAWtools. We’ll track the tools we make from it those tool owners will get to see your story, but you’ll also get to see what people are doing with the tools made from your gun.
Stories of Tranformation

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Gun violence speaks from many situations. When we tell these stories it offers another opportunity to connect to solutions that prevent gun violence. If you buy a tool that was made from a gun involved in a suicide, you help financially support a program that educates the public on mental health first aid and suicide prevention. 

We can connect the funds from these tools to programs that give you better tools to solve conflict – conflict within ourselves or conflict between our neighbors. If a gun is donated that was used for self-defense, the tools we make from it will support programs that teach de-escalation and bystander training. These programs give you the tools to be a nonviolent force in your community. 

See more about this in our War No More programs.

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